Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick Recovery!

   As any avid runner knows, the recovery time can be a killer!  If you are training for a marathon, or any race for that matter, after longer training runs, you certainly feel it in your muscles!  Some days more so than others... So what do we do?
    After doing some research, I found the best tips from Their philosophy is comprised of the three C's: Chow, Chug and Chill.  Chow, obviously means to eat something!  This is super important to do right after a run, but they aren't talking about a 5 course meal, I mean most people would probably puke.. atleast I would!  Instead they recommend that you drink a protein shake or fruit juice, anything that is high in protein and carbohydrates, to re-fill your body.  Chug - Naturally drink something!  Not just anything, though, WATER, good ole H2O!  According to the article, a good rule of thumb is to drink one quart of fluid for every half hour of running.  That way you will rehydrate your body, and recovery time will be much quicker!  And of course Chill - you are probably thinking that it means to become a couch potato and watch I Love Lucy reruns or CSI.  But it doesn't!  Chill, really means to get your body cool/cold.  As much as runners hate to hear it Ice baths, ice, cold showers, etc. make a world of difference on your recovery time!
     But the most important lesson of all is to realize that recovery can take days and it is important to listen to your body and determine what it can and can not handle.  To push yourself too hard will end with injury.. trust me, I know!

Lesson: Chow, Chug and Chill!!!

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