Tuesday, April 13, 2010

STL Half-Marathon

Well, we did it! Every single on of us, 6 people in total, all finished the half marathon and not only did we finish but we all set PRs! Which I find to be even more amazing because that was the hilliest course I have ever run on!
    The day was gorgeous, it couldn't have been nicer,sunny and 80*.  We left our hotel around 6:30 and walked to the starting line about 7 blocks away and met up with our other cousin.  
 It was so much fun to look around and see the different kinds of peple there! There was a man who  ran the 1/2 while juggling the entire time!  The spectators were amazing as well, cheering on complete strangers, holding up signs that said "Kick some ASSphalt", or UR AMAZING, or my personal favorite "Your Calves Look Sexy!"
We all started out and ran the first mile together so that we could all be together the first time we saw our family and friends.  After the first mile though, we split off an each did our own thing.  Our Cousin Michael finished in 1:45, Greg in 1:58, Dad in 2:12, Katie in 2:22, Me in 2:30 and Uncle Steve in 2:39.  It was a wonderful experience and so amazing to be able to share it with so many family members!


  1. You forgot to mention my favorite sign... the picture of Matthew McConaughey that said, "Keep going, I'll be waiting for you at the finish line." Loved it!

  2. OMG how could I forget that?!!? PS, I saw him at the end and it made me smile! :)


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