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Gym Etiquette, Eti-what?

  Some people do not realize that there really is such a thing as gym ettiquette!  I know, shocking!  Most of these things are pretty easy and it is crazy that people don't know these things, especially since I feel like these are ingrained in me.... But maybe I am abnormal!  So one of the people that I follow on twitter (HealthyNChicago) actually posted this link on Twitter, so I am just going to show the article! Because frankly I couldn't agree more!

Pet Peeves at the Gym

March 31, 2010 by healthyinchicago
Bring a towel & wipe down equipment when you are done

We all have them… That guy next to you on the treadmill that is grunting as he sprints, the girl next to you on the elliptical who keeps peaking over to look at how long you have been on the machine. The sweaty person in class who is dripping all over the place-The pet peeves that happen at the gym that drive you nuts! There is such a thing as gym etiquette and even in a place with sweat and grunting, there are rules and customs that help us all get along at a gym and enjoy our time working out.
The 5 rules of gym etiquette;*
Be Quiet. Nothing is more annoying when the person next to you is bearing their soul to their friend/mother/girlfriend on their cell phone. We don’t want to hear about what the doctor said, how bad your boss is, etc. Most importantly, when others are loud it takes away from the mental benefits of exercise.

Clean up after yourself. Self explanatory right? But so many people don’t do it! Wipe down the machine after you are done, this includes weight benches. Germs spread through sweat.

Be careful when handling weights. Someone always does it-drops a weight in the gym which produces a very loud, disruptive noise. In addition to being annoying, equipment can actually be damaged when it is dropped with force. Another reminder, put back the weights where you found them when you are done!

Share equipment. We learn it in preschool but there are always those people who apparently don’t practice this concept. During busy times at the gym, be conscious of the time limit on cardio machines, especially if there is a wait. Doing a weight routine? When you are in between sets- don’t hog the equipment. In reverse, if someone is in a routine and using the weights you want to use, wait your turn. You’ve been that person waiting before and probably will be waiting again-remember karma can suck.

Watch your odor. If you are smelly, you will offend the people around you. Clean your clothes, wear deodorant, and don’t douche yourself in body spray or perfume.

Other honorable mentions; treating the locker room like your personal bathroom, talking in front of the water fountain, reserving your spot in class way before it starts
  To see the actual article go to: HealthyNChicago

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