Friday, March 30, 2012

Chiropratic and Massage Therapy

   Does anyone have a good experience when it comes to a Chiropractor?  About a year and a half ago, I twinged my back getting a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator... Who does that?!  But I could barely move and my Mom and siblings had been seeing a chiropractor and I was told to go and see what could be done.  It was the most excruciating pain I have ever been in with my back, I couldn't bend, rolling over in my sleep was next to impossible and I'd inevitably end up awake!  So I saw a Chiropractor for probably 6 months and was in more pain than before.  Finally I stopped going and ended up working with Jose (my trainer) at the gym on corrective exercises.  The back pain has pretty much been non-existent until about 2 weeks ago.  
   Again it was a stupid situation of turning to grab something and I twinged my back!  Thankfully it wasn't as bad as before, but it had me worried about my training plans... What if it is so bad I can't train properly?  That happened before and I tried to push through it to only end in excruciating pain and tears - not a good idea!  I recently joined a Professional Networking organization called Le Tip and one of the professionals in the group is a chiropractor specializing in athletes! HECK YES!!  I decided I would set up an appointment and have her look at my back.  

   She pairs her adjustments with Massage Therapy.  I felt amazing afterwards and her solution and treatment should only take 2 weeks, whereas my previous Chiropractor there wasn't any end in sight and I saw her 3 times a week for over 6 months! I'm 24, you can't tell me that my back is THAT messed up... at least I hope not!  The new Chiropractor, Dr. Cris also told me that I can continue to run and exercise to my hearts content whereas the previous one wanted me to completely stop all exercise.  That ended up being the breaking point and what convinced me to stop going!    So I am looking forward to working with Dr. Cris and hopefully change my opinion of Chiropractors!  

Have any of you had similar experiences?  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

TWA Run Club

    As I mentioned in a previous post, my life has gotten a little bit busy lately with being a Middle School Soccer coach and also heading up the run club for the Willows Academy.  The run club started 3 weeks ago as a way to encourage students to live a more healthy lifestyle and to excite the students about an upcoming race fundraiser for the school.  I was nervous about the turnout I would get but I am so pleased to say that our group has been growing!  The first day we had a total of 5 people, 2 middle schoolers, 2 high schoolers and even a teacher!  We kept it nice and slow, we did about a mile loop so that those who would want to run longer than a mile could and those that had a time constraint, etc. could end after the first loop.  
    The second week, I also had 5 people show up, some of the runners from the week before couldn't make it but some of the other girls brought friends! I am so excited to see that they are talking about it with their friends and encouraging others to join the group.  Yesterday was our third time meeting and this time there were 7 students!  I know it's not a huge growth in numbers but I am still impressed that it has been a variety of students each week especially with all the other after school activities that are available.

   I'm really looking forward to seeing this group grow!  If you'd like to join us for our fundraiser race, you can get all the information here: Just remember to check the box for the Willows Academy so that part of your registration fee comes back to the school!

Happy Running!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1/2 Ironman Training: Week 5

   The way my 1/2 Ironman training plan is set-up is 3 weeks of intense workouts followed by a recovery week! I've made it through the cycle once and am now starting week 5!  So much has changed since I first started training...
   1. Chicago got hit with this AWESOME heat wave and I've actually been able to train OUTSIDE... IN... MARCH!!! That's practically unheard of in Chicago unless you are bundled under layers and layers of clothing!  Shorts and tank tops don't typically come out until May if you are lucky, but typically June! So I am absolutely loving this weather, I have no idea where it came from but I certainly am not complaining about it!
   2.  I've said it before, but training has made me really sore!  Some days I'm not even sure how I manage to get in a workout, but I'm following the plan like crazy so, I'm making sure I don't miss a workout.  About a week ago, I had incredibly tight legs and a sore back.  I was at my parents house and needed to crank out a 60minute run and was talking to my sister in her room and happened to just turn and pinched a nerve in my back.  I was doubled over in pain leaning on the bed when my little brother came in and tackled me with a hug, it was adorable but horribly painful.  I didn't want to miss my run so I ran anyways... one of the worst runs I have ever had!  Monday came along and I had to bike and swim, I pushed back my workout till the evening in hopes that my back would feel better, I could barely get myself out of the bed!  Once I was moving around it was better, so I decided to bike and swim.  I was fine until I finished the swim, and my back hated me!  Tuesday I ran with the run club with Lifetime and I mentioned to the trainer who heads up the run club that my legs were really tight.  After the run he rolled out my legs and massaged them for me.  It was SOOO painful but whatever he did helped my back and my legs exponentially! I don't feel like I am nearly as sore as I was... or maybe the recovery week really worked!
  3.  My schedule is getting a little busier because I am now a Middle School Soccer coach as well as the head of the run club.  But I certainly wouldn't trade it! I just add my workout in around it! My Wednesdays are typically my days to bike, so I've been biking to the run club, so far it works out pretty well, minus people that don't pay attention to bike riders...

Bring on the next 4 weeks of training!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012: Woahhhhh, What an amazing year so far!

   Have you ever had one of those days where you think, Woah, how did I end up here?  Sometimes it's not a good realization because its not where you ever saw yourself ending up, or its not where you want to be or it can be an amazing realization where you are completely in awe that you could be at the spot that you are at!  That's me today, I can't believe I've been so lucky this year to be where I am at now!  So what's changed...
   1. I decided to start my company Blue Sunflower Interiors and Design!  If you haven't liked it on Facebook, do it now! Or follow my blog here:
      ~ As a little subset of starting my own company, I have met so many incredible, generous, and charitable people that I never would have met had I not made this change!
     ~ My mood and outlook on life has changed so drastically since quitting my job - if anyone out there is afraid of taking the leap. Don't be!  You have no idea where life might take you! My mom asks me all the time if I regret quitting, and I can say without a shadow of doubt that not one tiny part of me regrets my decision!  I wanted a change but was too afraid to take it, until I got to my absolute breaking point, and I'm only disappointed that it took me so long to do it!

   2. I'm training for my first 1/2 Ironman race - and as of 5 weeks in to the program I am completely injury free!!! I feel like I am constantly sore but I wouldn't trade it!  I love a challenge and this has certainly been one but I am so excited for my race in July!
   3. I am now a Middle School Soccer Coach for my old school the Willows Academy.  I LOVE soccer, but I never thought I would be a coach and had I not made a job change it never would have been possible!  Today is the first day of practice and I am so excited to get out on the field and share my love for the sport
   4. I'm also in charge of the Run Club at the Willows - introducing the girls and faculty to running, to hopefully instill in them a love for running!  We had our first run last week and I had 5 people show up! I mix of middle school, high school and faculty.  It was awesome and I look forward to every wednesday and running with these girls!

So I just wanted to take the opportunity to update you all, and thank you all for the support! I couldn't have made the biggest change of all without it! I am so greatful to have you all in my life!  I'll update you all on our soccer season and the run club, as it progresses!  Enjoy the fabulous weather!!!