Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo A Day April

     This April I participated in something called Photo A Day Challenge, where we were given a list of different things to take pictures with using Instagram.  It was really fun and such a creative way to interpret the list in whichever way we wanted!  So I thought I would share with all of you my pictures from the month!

   Day 1: Your Reflection - I was really sick when I took this picture so I didn't want my face to be in the picture!  So I got a little creative!

"I workout!"

Day 2: Color - I felt the need to do something Interior Design related...

I think this is the coolest way to see the variety of color! LOVE IT!!

Day 3: Mail - Everyone loves receiving mail and I love sending it!  I kind of got back into letter writing when my brother was in bootcamp in California and I wrote him a letter every week!  Such a lost art...

Sending Mail - Letter to my brother and bills... FUN!

Day 4: Someone who makes you happy - So many people in my life fit this category but I just happened to be with my nephew, he's such a little bundle of joy and makes me so happy!
Colton and I at breakfast on Career day at the Willows Academy

Day 5: Tiny - I had a really hard time figuring out what to do for this one, and then I suddenly thought of my Chia seeds - they pack a powerful punch and are supposed to be really good for athletes and retaining some water, which is needed in Endurance athletes!
Chia Seeds - So Tiny, So Powerful and So many shades of Brown!
Day 6: Lunch - It was Good Friday and as a Catholic, I had to fast and abstain from Meat for the day, so my lunch was rather small and not what I would typically eat...
Part of a Bagel and some cheez-its on a farm plate...
Day 7: Shadow - It wasn't a sunny day, so I wasn't able to do what I wanted to, but instead... captured the slight shadow caused by my Apple Martini
So Yummy - One of the perks of not being able to drink beer - I get to have some fun drinks!
Day 8: Inside Your Wallet - Some important things: My Business CardGym Membership Card, Jamba Juice Card, etc...
If only there was some money in there...
Day 9: Younger You - I absolutely LOVE this picture, my sister Katie was in a photography class and had to take some pictures, so she asked us to be her models.  We had such a good time!
Me, my brother Tom and my sister Amanda
Day 10: Cold - There are so many ways to depict this one...
A Bag of Ice - Don't think it gets much colder than that!
Day 11: Where I ate breakfast - My kitchen table of course in my apartment!
Pancakes for Breakfast with Hot Tea!
Day 12: Stairs - My apartment doesn't have stairs, so I had to use my parents stairs at home! They are fun stairs though!
I love the curve in the stairs!  Makes for a great entrance with a prom dress or wedding dress! :)
Day 13: Something You Found - I had been searching all over for these earrings, no idea how I managed to find them on this specific day! Weird!!
I love purple...
Day 14: How you feel today - I was really nervous! It was my first day as an official coach for a soccer game!  But my girls did a great job and both teams came home with a win!
Day 15: Sunset - Florida
Sunset after a day filled with rain - INCREDIBLE!
Day 16: Flower - My favorite flower
From my Business Calendar - Happens to also be the month of June - my birthday month! :)
Day 17: Something you don't like - I HATE doing Laundry!!
Day 18: Hair - My bangs...
I think I need a haircut if my bangs are all the way to my chin...
Day 19: Orange - When I finally paint my office...
I really like this orange/peach pallet!
Day 20: Something you drew - had to draw this for an assignment in college! I think it turned out well!
I did this house in pencil, ink and then colored pencils and markers!
Day 21: Bottle - A few of my Grandpa's antique bottles

Day 22: The last thing you bought
I HATE buying gas!!! It's so expensive now! UGH!

Day 23: Vegetable

The vegetable section at Costco - quite a variety!
Day 24: Something you are greatful for - I had a really hard time coming up with what to do for this one, not because I'm not greatful for anything but rather I am thankful for just about everything and how do you depict that?! So I went with a few of the things that I am REALLY REALLY greatful for!
My family, my business and sports - especially running and triathlons!
Day 25: Looking down - I was laying on the couch sick all day and our puppy Quincy rarely left my side!
Such a good, protective puppy - Qunicy
Day 26: Black and White - Weekday Newspaper comics
I love the comics!
Day 27: Somewhere you went
Spain, Italy and France!
Day 28: 1pm
Just a minute past 1pm...
Day 29: Circle
I just love these little circle cheeses!
Day 30: Something that makes you sad - Not too many things make me sad... but I definitely don't like when the weather is finally beginning to warm up and it is supposed to rain and thunderstorm the entire time! I want my sun!!!
Boo to Rain!!