Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 reasons Interior Designers Rock!

    So I was reading an article/blog post put out by IIDA headquarters concerning the common misconceptions about Interior Designers.  Within their post, they had a link to a previous post about the top 10 reasons Interior Desginers really are amazing!
    So if you are an Interior Designer feeling underappreciated or have been struggling to convince people that you do WAY more than just pick out paint colors, ait back, relax and read this top 10 list... It'll make you feel good!
1. You are a combination of engineer and artist. Not only do you take into account safety and economy when designing a space, but you also create an aesthetic that can comfort and inspire.

2. Your work improves the lives of others. You design for the homebody and the workerbee, in addition to the aged, handicapped, and infirm. Whether you add light to a dark interior or design a beautiful and healthy working space, you make a difference in the lives of others.

3. You are continually learning and seeking answers. You take CEUs, discuss problems with your peers and research materials. You know that the profession is evolving, and you’re evolving with it.

4. You don’t settle for the tried and true. You push boundaries and discover new and better ways of doing things. ( As myown personal aside... I had a professor in school, this cute little Asian woman, who would fondly say, "Emily, it's good, but think outside the box, outside the box!"  It was a great lesson for me to push the boundaries.)

5. You provide a service. You work with clients who typically have little to no experience in design, and you find a way to turn their ideas into a tangible reality.

6. You pay attention to details. Whether you’re picking which carpet to use in a hotel hallway or what color to paint a hospital wall, you make each seemingly small decision count for the client’s health and happiness.

7. You explore what sustainable design can mean in the home and workplace. You’re debunking myths and testing new products, and you’re saving clients money along the way.

8. You’re a problem solver. Each project you work on is a new puzzle with a new set of challenges. As the designer, you’re in charge of making it work.

9. You’re collaborators. You’ve learned the value and benefits of teamwork, and how to process and connect disparate ideas into a working whole. Even if you work alone, you’re never really working alone. You have a network of peers that you turn to for advice and support along the way. (I am convinced that this was the only way I made it through college, my classmates, friends and peers became constant sounding boards for bouncing ideas off of them to make it work!)

10. You work to change the public perception of Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator. You refrain from sighing when your colleague’s friend learns you are an Interior Designer and asks you to suggest paint colors for her son’s room, and instead patiently explain qualifications, certifications and scope of experience. You are more than just a reality TV design star. (There is always atleast one person who, will make some ignorant comment about Interior Designers and so I am constantly trying to correct them.  Can definitely get frustrating!)

   So I don't know about you, but that list certainly made me feel better!  If you feel like reading the whole article, Here's the link: 10 Reasons Interior Designers Matter!


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