Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chicago, My kind of Town!

   Good morning, my faithful readers!  Its a fabulous day in the city of Chicago with a few clouds in the sky, beautiful sunlight and about 90 degrees!  Does it get much better than that?  Oh wait... IT DOES!!!  For the first time in OVER a year I have the day OFF!!!  Now sure I took some time off when I was sick with the Swine flu back in October (not not technically diagnosed with that, my family doesn't seem to believe in visiting the Dr., luckily I have a very capable mom) and then took some time off back in march when my Grandma passed away but i don't really consider that time off.  Time off should be to do something fun, something that I want to do, not something I have to do or some obligation.
    So I know, a Wednesday, what a random day to take off... well not quite!  Today is my Architreasures event!  I know I have mentioned it in previous posts but never elaborated very much on it... I promise once I have pics from the event I will fill everyone in!  Now, my event isn't until 6pm, so why on earth did I need to take a whole day off?  Well, being on the fundraising committee I have to help set-up, and being that I work in the opposite direction of Chicago, I decided to take a whole day!

     So far it has been FABULOUS!  I came down with my dad this morning, we left around 6:15 so that we could come and run the lakefront before he needed to start work.  I have never run the lakefront!  I know that sounds crazy since I have grown up near the city and often do day excursions, especially in the summer, but it's true!  So we ran North along the lakefront so that I could see where everyone who seems to be a serious swimmer swims!  I was smart and put my swimsuit on so that before I came back to his office I could swim in the open water some!  Let me tell you... it is quite different from a pool!  So after about 4 miles or so my Dad headed back to his office and I headed for the water!  Brr... was it cold but it felt so good after feeling like I was boiling to death on the run!  Like I said, it was truly my first real experience with an open water swim, it took a little adjustment and I had to calm myself down a little because every time I came to get a breath of air, a wave would come and I would end up with water in my mouth!  But once I got the hang of it, I felt really good!  After about a 1/2 mile swim, maybe a little bit more, I climbed back out, threw my running clothes over my suit and ran back to his office, it felt so much better to run like that! 

    I came back and showered in the fitness center and now I will be heading over to my event in about an hour!  Man I could get used to working in the city!  If only I could find a job here!  Suggestions anyone?

Rocking out to: Absolutely nothing today!  Just soaking up the sounds of the city! I'm thinking I might be a city girl through and through! :)


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