Wednesday, July 28, 2010


   These crazy poofs have become the Jewels in July (JIJ) signature accent piece!  They are super easy to make and add the perfect amount of color and fun to any space. 
   Want to know how to make them?  We actually got the idea from Martha Stewart!  Here are her directions... I wish I had taken pictures of us making them in the process but we were serioulsy time-crunched and so you get the directions from her, rather than me.. Sorry to disappoint!

  How to make POOFs!

Here's how they look in the space once we completed all of them... mind you, this is just a portion of them!
   You can make them of varying sizes, we made some little ones that created perfect accents on our auction items tables.  What do you think??!

   Try them, and tell me what you think!  An easy way to create some fun in a space!

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