Thursday, June 10, 2010

Try a Tri

  As I have mentioned before I am slowly getting into Triathlons.  Its amazing because the concept of the triathlon intimidates me like none other.  I'm not quite sure why, since I wasn't intimidated at all by signing up for a marathon as being my first race, weird I know!  Since I have been a little injury prone with my last 2 marathons, many people have suggested that I try triathlons, not that I needed any encouragement.
   So I decided that if I'm going to do triathlons I'm gonna do it the right way and slowly build up rather than starting with say an Ironman!  So to start I joined the Village Cycle Sport Triathlon Team, its the first year for the team, so I don't feel so out of place as the "newbie".  The next step was to buy a new bike, so I did!
                                                         White and Sour Apple Green!

   To be honest, the biking part is probably the aspect that has been the most intimidating to me.  Growing up I had a very sturdy mountain, switching to a road bike is so different, it is so fast!  I average about 17 mph, which for a lot of people is rather slow, but I'm still getting used to it!
   The running, obviously isn't much of a problem, but it is pretty amazing how your legs feel after going for a long ride, they feel like jelly!  It definitely takes some time to get adjusted to but it's crazy because you feel like you are going so slow, which in comparison to a ride you are but I've had some of my fastest runs after a long ride!
   Now the swim, for most people the swim is the worst part, and maybe it will be, but somehow I am not worried about it at all... Weird? Maybe. 
  So, as I said before, actually registering for a triathlon is super intimidating to me and I have procrastinated for forever!  So I did it, I registered for the Naperville Women's triathlon, yesterday and it's SUNDAY! Talk about not giving myself a chance to get nervous about it! I have no goal other than to finish the triathlon and enjoy it in the process.
   More updates to come after my experience on sunday!

Lesson:  Even if something intimidates you, it is better to get over your fear than let it rule your life!


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