Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Race Calendar

   So with the INTENSE training season about to get underway (or already underway for some of you), I've been doing a lot of thinking, contemplating and planning the races that I want to tackle this year.  The last few "seasons" I've done a few races, 2 Chicago Marathons, the Frontier Days 10K, and the STL 1/2 marathon.  This season is a little different for me in that I am working on getting into Triathlons, they are obviously a little different from just straight running but they compliment my training for the Chicago Marathon.  Definitely hoping that this is my strongest year yet for Chicago! Fingers crossed!  So it got me thinking.. What is your race calendar looking like?  Mine is still in the works, with possibly the addition of a race this weekend, that I have yet to register for... crazy, I know! But here is what it looks like so far, with definiteand potential races:
       13th - Women's Triathlon in Naperville
        4th - Frontier Days 10K
       24th - Xtreme 10 - Waterfall Glen
         1st - Chicago Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon
       11th - Lake Geneva Triathlon
       18th - Busse 20 MILER
       10th - Chicago Marathon

That's my race schedule as of now... definitely subject to change!  How about you what races are you doing?  Don't be afraid just sign up!  1/2 marathon or full marathon, too intimidating?  Start with a 5k or a 10k!  You will love it!

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