Friday, June 18, 2010

My training Schedule

   Technically, I'm already starting my training behind schedule.  Somehow time is just flying by and I've not paid close enough attention to the fact that I was supposed to start training 2 weeks ago!  OOPS!  Unlike my first two marathons, I'm not so hung up on the concept of following a rigid training schedule.  Since I have started getting into Triathlons, I've been having the hardest time figuring out the best way to train for my marathon as well as my triathlons.  So for me, training will officially start on monday! WOOHOO!  I've made my own training schedule, so hopefully it works! Fingers crossed!  This time, I am not just going to run the miles.  I will be running less (I know, that seems a little odd) but working out more.  My training is going to cover six different work out facets.  Swimming, Biking, Running, Core strengthening, Speed Workouts and Strength training!  All of these things will combine together to give me great Cardio workouts and overall strength rather than just focusing on my legs.  The goal here is to be really strong all over rather than just my legs, overall strength will keep me healthy and ideally injury free!  Each week, I will switch it up and do the activities on different days or pair them together so that my body goes through muscle confusion and doesn't get used to a routine.  I will also try working out at different times of the day.
   The weekends, since I hav more time will be for the long runs and brick workouts with my Triathlon team.  One day will definitely be set aside for rest, probably friday, but will fluctuate each week depending on my schedule.  Take the training journey with me, and let's see where it takes us! Starts monday morning, each day I will post what I will be doing on that day and then later in the day after the workout, I will post how it went! Feel free to do it with me!

Lesson: The best training schedule is the one that works best for you and your lifestyle!

Rocking out to: Adler Girl Pt. II by Super Mash Bros.

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