Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here We Go!

It's official! Training has started!  I'm more than a little excited, but at the same time no matter how many times I train for the marathon or a larger triathlon, the task seems daunting!  Now I know that I can complete them, I done that through sheer determination and will power... but it's not enough! Atleast not this year!  My #1 goal is to remain injury free, but my second goal is to hit my 4hr time goal.  Now that seems even more daunting than staying free from injury.  Especially since injuries are often related to the speed at which one is traveling.  But I am no longer satisfied with just finishing! I was robbed of my 4 hr time during my first marathon and I refuse to let that happen again!  Now will I be disappointed if I don't get the four hours.. yeah probably but deep down I know that I will be happy with myself for dominating another marathon!

Yesterday's training: I decided that yesterday would be my speed and core workout.  So I went over to the local park that has a HUGE retention pond, that is always dry, and ran hills.  After doing about 30 hill runs, I went for a mile run with intervals of sprinting and walking.  Once I finished the mile, actually it was a little over a mile, I went and did 5 more hill runs!  When my legs started to feel like jello, I figured it was time to stop! So then I drove home and did my core workout!
   Since I hurt my ITB in my first marathon, I am very diligent about making sure that I use my foam roll.  I also did 40 crunches, 10 leg throws, 20 crunches with a medicine ball, planks 3-1min planks. 

Today's Training: We are supposed to get hit with another storm... they seem to be never-ending!  So if it holds off till later tonight, I plan on going to a 14/15 mile bike ride, otherwise I will head over to the local indoor pool and swim laps! I'll let you know tomorrow!

Rocking out to: Here We Go by N'Sync (it's one of my Power Songs!)

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