Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Profiling a Runner

    As I was brainstorming ideas for another  post, my friend Sabrina called and naturally the conversation turned to training for marathons and just running in general.  Later on thinking back on our conversation I realized that she has a lot to offer the running world through her inexperience.  I know that probably sounds crazy but its true!  She is trying out training for a marathon for the first time ever!  So I thought why not do a runner profile and introduce all of you to her and follow her down her training path to figure out what works and what doesn't!

Name: Sabrina
Age: 23
Race: Chicago Marathon 10.10.10

  What would you say is your running history?
       " Before I decided to sign up for the marathon, I would just run during the summer because I HATE running on a treadmill. I still Hate running on a treadmill but since February I have been more committed to it as well as sucking up the cold weather. I have actually found it to be easier to run in cold weather as long as its warmer than 25!"

   Who or what is your running inspiration?
       "Anyone who has ever run a marathon is my inspiration. I have actually wanted to run a marathon for a few years but there have always been things in the way. This year I have a good reason to run, I have a personal goal I want to achieve and I feel that if I can train and run a marathon I can overcome this personal challenge. "
     What is the biggest challenge you are going to face while running and training?
         "It seems I have many little challenges. The biggest, for me is my Gluten allergy. This was a reason I didn't even consider running a marathon last year! Being Italian, loving pizza, pasta, bread and anything else that has a lot of carbs has been very hard because every runner needs his or her carbs!"

    What have you had to change since starting to train?
        "Since I started training I had to start to seriously workout! In addition to running 3-4 times a week, I have also started using weights because I learned quickly that its not just about running! Your arms need to be strong as well as your core! I have also realized I'm always hungry!! I try to stick to a strict eating schedule through out the day and at night I allow myself to have some ice cream or something sweet!
    What is something you are not willing to give up?
          "I am not willing to give up sweets! I have a huge sweet tooth and I have to have dessert after dinner! I'm willing to train an extra half hour as long as I can have my dessert! Quite frankly, why should I give up sweets? I'm training hard I should enjoy things I love to eat!"

    What is your biggest fear?
         "During this whole training process my biggest fear is getting hurt. My mom, dad, and siblings all think I'm crazy for training for a marathon. The first thing I heard was "Its hard on your body" "You are going to get hurt" "Why would you even consider doing something like this" Am I crazy? Probably! But if someone tells me I can't do something I will go out of my way to do it, and do it well! So, since the marathon isn't until October I have already started training, I want to train at my own pace I don't want to follow a schedule that tells me I have to run 10 mile a certain day. What if I don't want to run 10 but I want to 8 instead? Right now I'm following the Nike training program in that I do weights 2 times a day, run 3-4 days (a long run usually Sundays) and rest one day. I like to think that this is my training program with Nike's program as a back bone. This is how I believe I will beat my fear. Is it certain I won't get hurt? Not at all, but at least I'm not adding additional stress on myself!"

     What's your favorite power song?
         "I have a lot of power songs! My absolute favorite is "Lord give me a sign" from DMX I listen to rap when I run, I love it because its so out of character for me and it really lets me get in the zone! Of course I have some guilty pleasures in there like "The Climb" from Miley Cyrus and Fun remixes as well!"

    What is your favorite thing to eat after a run?
          "After a long run I usually eat an omelet with spinach cheese and whatever veggies we have in the fridge; as well as an apple or banana with peanut butter, yogurt and a glass of milk. My long runs are usually Sunday mornings, while I'm running there is usually an aroma in the air of bacon, so by the time I get home I'm starving!!!"

     What is your favorite Running accessory?
           "I have 2 running accessories that are my favorite!!! My red heart monitor watch and my red shuffle! Without those two, my runs are not the same!!! I also tend to run with my phone because you never really know when and if you might need it, but I wouldn't count that as a running accessory!"

    What is your favorite Quote?
         "Right now my favorite quote is: "Winners make goals, loser make excuses" its a short quote but every time I'm ready to cut my run short because my shoulder  is sore, or I'm thirsty I think about the excuses I'm making up. That's motivation to keep running!

Way to go Sabrina! Looking forward to checking in with you to find out how training is going down the road! Good Luck in the Chicago Marathon and thank you for being such a good sport about listening to all my running ramblings!

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