Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Essential Running Accessories

  Now I don't typically promote certain items or brands unless I really think that they are really something special.  So here are a few items I have found that I can't live without while running!

1. Road ID - the Road ID is the best way to have emergency contact information on your person while running, biking or any fitness activity.  I've been a little slow on the purchasing of one myself but I quickly remedied that and bought a purple one! So I think if you don't have one, you should definitely get one! Here's the website: Road ID
Here's what it looks like:
    They come in different styles from Wrist, Ankle, Dog tags, Etc!
    I even have a coupon for you! It saves you a buck, which every little bit counts! Here's the Code: ThanksEmily747101 Just type it in the coupon box when you are finished and going to pay!

2. The Nike+ chip for your ipod - I love this accessory! Its great because it will calculate exactly how far you have gone, what your pace is, the amount of calories you have burned and the average pace of your entire workout!  Its awesome!  Check it out: Nike+
Here's what it looks like and if you have Nike shoes this chip fits right into the sole of your shoe!
    Well I know that's not a lot of accessories, but really as a runner we don't need much!  But I really recommend these! Enjoy and get out there and run!

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