Friday, March 19, 2010

What's your style?

Most people fall into one specific style. Their style might overlap with others but primarily they are in one category. So what's your style? If you don't know, here is a simple quiz/questionare to help you figure it out! Take a moment and see what style you are!

1. When picking out paint colors, do you lean towards:
a. neutrals, black, white, all with bold color accents?
b. neutrals, tone on tone, white?
c. bright, vibrant colors?
d. neutral, mid-range tones?

2. To describe your life and current living space would you say:
a. it is clean, un-cluttered, welcoming and comfortable?
b. has a minimalist (reduced to necessary elements) feel, a little colder, sleeker?
c. it is fun, lively, loud, busy?
d. it is calm, orderly, predictable?

3. What kind of lines are most appealing to you?
a. vertical and horizontal lines
b. geometric shapes, angular forms and lines
c. no defined lines
d. smooth, gentle curves

4. What kinds of fabric are you drawn to?
a. whatever fabrics are currently in style
b. tone on tone, or smooth like leather
c. anything with texture, bold and vibrant
d. florals, plain colors, muted plaids, understated stripes - nothing too bold!

5. Favorite types of accents in a space:
a. less is more - main accents are found in the architectural elements of the space
b. artwork with striking shapes and forms
c. throw rugs, vintage pieces from the 50's, 60's and 70's
d. classic pieces that might even feel outdated

Ok, the quiz is over, YOU SURVIVED! Now count up how many you have of each letter...

Ready for the results? (Drumroll)

If you selected more A's then your style is: Contemporary
If you selected more B's then your style is: Modern
If you selected more C's then your style is: Retro
If you selected more D's then your style is: Traditional

How did you do? Did you get the results you expected? If not, don't panic, many styles can cross over each other. This quiz just helps you to determine what your "base" style is for decorating and designing a space!

Stay tuned, the next few posts will be to describe each style and provide some tips concerning each style!

Motto: Best way to design or decorate is to determine your style. You will be happier with the outcome in the long run!

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  1. I'm a mix between Bs and Cs. I think in the end Bs won out, but C made a strong showing. Great quiz.

  2. Retro! And I cannot wait to have more of my own space to manage my style!


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