Friday, March 26, 2010

Last but not least... Traditional!

Now I know that I have a few traditionals out there, so hello to my anxious traditional readers!
If you are a traditional, you know that you like your space to be comforting, calm, orderly, predictable and classic.
When picking out our colors, you would select neutrals and mid-range tones. The trim and molding throughout the space would typically be painted white, to help give off that "clean" appearance. You like darker stained wood for cabinets, hard wood fllors, etc. The favorite fabrics tend to be florals, plain colors - nothing too bold and bright, muted plaids and understated stripes!
All the pieces of furniture match and go together, they are considered "classic" pieces and might even feel a little outdated, but don't worry, they aren't! When looking at the architectural details you like the smooth, soft edges and gentle curves. Nothing sharp and abrupt!
Motto: Traditional doesn't mean old or outdated, remember it means comfortable and relaxing! It is characterized with classic pieces that have withstood the test of time for a reason!
Currently Rocking out to: Ain't that a kick in the head by Dean Martin - an oldie but a goodie!

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