Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

So, the first day of Spring was this past Saturday, and ironically it was snowing here in Chicago, therefore it seemed like the perfect day to do some intense Spring Cleaning. In addition to just wanting to clean, my brother is moving to Arizona, and needs some items for an apartment. I had an apartment in college so I have all the necessities sitting in boxes in the attic since I moved back home after college. I'd been waiting to go through all my boxes becauseI just knew that once I opened them there would be an explosion and craziness! Sure enough this is what happened:

I promise my room never EVER looks like this! It took all day to clean my room, but the final product looks amazing! One HUGE garbage bag later and I had gone through everything!

Need some storage ideas? How about these: Have a lot of magazines like I do? I have a lot of running magazines and Architectural Digest. After trying to figure out what to do with them, other than just stacking them in my closet. These awesome containers can be found at the container store or at Ikea, etc. These great decorative boxes are excellent storage containers because they can sit on shelves an not look out of place while storing anthing from bills to stationary, or whatever you need to store! They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Again they can be found at many stores such as the Container Store, Ikea, Etc.
Try it yourself! Need other storage options? Just ask!
Motto: Everything has a place and everything in its place! It is important to clean out the different items you have been storing and throw away. It is a great cleansing feeling and it very beneficial!
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