Monday, January 25, 2010

DON'T BE AFRAID... of Color!

So many times people are afraid to use color in their houses, living spaces, offices etc. My philosophy is the more color the better! Color is awesome because it affects so many things, it can affect one's mood positively or negatively, it can make a space seem larger or smaller, and the obvious thing is that it can brighten up a room or make it dull.

Most people like to go with Neutral colors in their living room, family room areas, which is fine as long as you have some accent colors. If you are too afraid to take the plunge and do an entire room one significant color, other than beige or white, then do an accent wall. This is a great way to bring color into the room and it will become the focal point in the room, so best NOT to do it on an ugly wall that you don't want people to notice! There are the warm colors and the cool colors, that psychologically affect people in different ways.

But really why not try some color? If you are having a hard time deciding on the color, awesome companies like Benjamin Moore and Loews and Home Depot give out samples of the color. Paint a swatch on the wall and see which color you like the best for the effect you are going for!

In my house, the family room, living room and dining room are all neutrals with accent colors, and features. The bedrooms however are a different story.

This is the one wall in my bedroom, and yes you are seeing that correctly it is BRIGHT YELLOW! Being in this room you can't help but be in a good mood!
Another aspect of my room are the dressers that are painted a bright green. These dressers are not very good and I'm pretty sure my mom got them out of someone's garbage...but they work well for us and they have been painted numerous times! A can of paint or even spray paint can make all the difference in a space. Painting the dressers was an easy and cheap fix to them being ugly, and changing the knobs is a great way to change the style of a piece.
Moral of this blog: BE BOLD, BE DARING!

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  1. I love the idea about the dresser! I look forward in seeing more great ideas like this!!!


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