Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Season!!!

  This summer I went to two weddings and like most girls, I had the hardest time deciding what to wear!  The one wedding was my cousin's in Savannah, Georgia - a typical Southern Wedding.  My family made it into a week long family vacation (we NEVER go on vacations - way too many of us). The other wedding was my Best Friend's from Junior High and High School, her's was black tie, so a little more formal than the Savannah wedding, which meant I needed a different dress for each wedding!  Not any easy task for someone who is 5'-11" and wants a modest dress, (as a side note - why are dresses so short, so tight and so low cut?? People - it is not flattering!) and so I feel like I spent the better part of May trying to find dresses for both weddings!
     So here is what I wore to both:

Savannah, Georgia Wedding:
(Pictured Left to Right: My sister Katie, My sister Amanda, Me and my Sister Monica)
This is what I wore to the Rehearsal Dinner - a Long floral Maxi Dress which was perfect for the occasion and location.  The dinner was at Old Fort Jackson on the Savannah River, which is naturally an outside venue.  The long dress kept me warm as the sun went down and protected me from mosquitos - those pesky things!

(Pictured Left to Right: Me, My sisters Amanda, Katie and Monica)
 For the wedding, I went with a knee length black and white striped dress, with yellow accents - my heels, purse and bracelets.

All of the cousins that made it to the wedding! As you can tell we are quite the large, energetic group!!

My Best Friend's Wedding:
      I was really nervous for what is appropriate attire for a Black Tie Wedding.  When I discussed it with my friend, she mentioned that most people would be in a long dress.  I searched and searched for a dress, but nothing was long enough or it was way too expensive, but I found an elegant short dress that I thought would work if I dressed it up as much as possible, so I decided to get my hair done!

Didn't my hair stylist do an amazing job?!
I haven't had my hair done since Prom in High School and I forgot how much fun it is!  The stylist even asked if she could take some pictures to use for her portfolio.  Sure! Why not?!

My Dates for the Evening!
A few of my friends brought their boyfriends, so I couldn't miss an opportunity to take a few pictures with these good looking guys!

 Of course I had to take atleast one picture with my friend - the bride!  Doesn't she look gorgeous!  All in all, I thought my dress worked out pretty well despite it being a short dress.

What do you think?? Do you struggle with finding appropriate dresses for an occasion??


  1. It can be a struggle - I have one later this month with a confusing dress code.

    You look beautiful in all of your dresses.

  2. I absolutely love the wedding dress. How gorgeous!

  3. I love weddings!! Sounds like a fun Summer, love your looks!

  4. You did a great job picking out your dresses. I especially love the one you wore to the formal wedding. Your hair stylist did a great job. Lovely!

  5. You look gorgeous! I always dread dressing for formal events, but it's nice to have that escape sometimes!

  6. Love your hair and dress! I alway struggle finding dresses. I'm only 5" and while I love the look of long dresses, I look even shorter in them.

  7. You look stunning in both outfits! I agree, finding dresses for these occasions are so hard! I don't want to be flaunting all my "goods" everywhere I go. I like to be covered up. I like to be accessorized, not showing everything. I think your choices are awesome!!

  8. Love the looks and styles. Looking at this pictures I feel that I need to get out more :)


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