Monday, October 4, 2010

New Beginnings! :)

    As many of you know, I graduated in May of '09 and then moved back home with my 6 younger siblings and my parents.  While I love my parents and my family very much I was ready to move out and be on my own, the day I moved home!  I am proud to announce that after 16 months of living at home, I have FINALLY moved out... well atleast I am in the process of moving out! 

    It is quite the process because I am painting the whole thing and moving everything in slowly, basically as I get it... but I am super excited!  Here are a few pictures of the condo before I started the changes!  More pictures as the painting is complete, etc....

Here is the kitchen - This condo was previously owned by an elderly woman who was in a wheelchair.  So my friend (whom I'm renting from) lowered the upper cabinets so that her Aunt would have access to the cabinets and be able to use them.

Another view of the kitchen, all oak cabinets.  The sink is not centered on the back wall because originally to the left of it was a dishwasher.  But it was broken so they put cabinets in, instead of putting in a dishwasher.  Fine by me, I don't mind handwashing... but then again I say that now... that might change!

This is obviously the laundry room, as of now I'm not going to really do anything to it.  I'm very excited that it has a stationary tub/sink, it has been very helpful in all the painting I have done so far!

This is part of the living room area, obviously I was trying to capture the flooring.  I am not a huge fan of the flooring.  The carpet was taken out in order to accomodate my Landlord's Aunt in her wheelchair, obviously it is WAY easier to roll around in a wheelchair on the vinyl tile flooring, but I am going to do my best to use areas rugs and make it more home-like.

This is the spare bedroom/ office space - atleast that is what I am going to use it as!  It's a pretty good size... Can't wait to show the before and after pictures!

This is the Master Bedroom... I love the color purple, so it's nice to know that the previous owner liked it too!

This is the bathroom, as you can see, the shower - is just that, no bath tub.  This obviously allowed her Aunt to be able to shower properly while being in a wheelchair.  The sink, on the right previously had a cabinet under the counter but it was too difficult for her Aunt to be able to wash her hands and so it was removed.  It has been put back for me though...

     Ok, that's it for now!  More pictures and tips to come!

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  1. I enjoyed dropping by your site! It seems like you really have become independent - you even redecorated the place on your own! Wasn’t it fun? I bet! Also, it seems like you maximized every space of the kitchen. It’s been two years so I bet the house is totally “you” by now. Could you please post some pictures? :) Lakisha Zimmerer


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