Monday, October 25, 2010

Caution: Wet Paint!!

   As many of you know, I recently moved into my own place and have been working very hard to get it all homey and wonderful.  Some people think it is taking me forever, and maybe it is, but since getting the keys, I have painted, worked 40 hr work weeks, ran a marathon, went back to my Alma Mater for Homecoming and moved in!  You can imagine how exhausted I have been, hence why I haven't updated you all on the status of my place.
    So... here goes!  I got the keys on a Friday, cleaned friday night and by Saturday morning was ready to start painting!  I wanted to go with colors that were warm and inviting but at the same time, toned down and more neutral so that hopefully my Landlord doesn't have to paint the moment I move out (which hopefully won't be for a LONG time).
      So here they are:
This is a blue-green color that I used in the living room as an accent color as well as in the kitchen!  I think it provides a nice splash of color without being too over the top and bold.

This is a corner in the kitchen, the kitchen and the living room share a wall, so the neutral tan color is on the main wall of the living room and carried through the hallway to the bedrooms.

This is the spare room, and it is a little hard to see because it is a cloudy, cold, overcast day and therefore no beautiful natural sunlight!  Anyways, this is another neutral color but it has a pink base tone to it.  What is so GREAT about this color is that it was a Lowes OOPS! can of paint and cost $5 for a whole gallon!  If you have never looked at the OOPS paint, think again!

    Now here comes the Master bedroom, now up until this point I was so excited how all of the paint was looking, it really has had a huge affect on my place.  Originally, if you remember back to some of the before pictures, the room was a lilac color, which was quite pretty and being purple is my favorite color, I loved it!  But it still needed to be painted, so I decided to stay in the purple category, something a little brighter but nothing crazy!  When my Mom and I were out shopping and getting items for the apartment, I bought a Bed in a Bag.  Never heard of it?  Basically it is a Bed comforter, 2 pillow shams, bed skirt and a set of sheets for my awesome Queen size bed - courtesy of my Aunt and Uncle!  But we saw it and it was purple black and silver, so I bought it... now it was a matter of figuring out the color for the room.  The Bed in a Bag was really bold, deep rich colors, so we grabbed the pillow case and marched into Lowes to find some paint that could work... We found one called Plink... Memo to self: If it has all the letters for Pink, BE CAREFUL!  You can see why below!

I went over one night after work and decided to tackle my room, how could I move in without a room to sleep in?!  So I started trimming out the wall around the window and began to panic!  CRAP!  It doesn't look like the purple shade I picked out!!  It looks like Pepto Bismol exploded all over my walls!  Especially compared to the lilac color, can you see the difference in the top left corner?  But it was too late to stop and I figured I could somehow make it work...  My parents came over to drop off some furniture and they agreed with me! So much for some encouraging words that it wasn't as bad as I thought!  They tried but... kind of failed!

See what I mean?! OHH MAN!  So I stuck with it and proceeded to paint the whole thing.  Thankfully, I think it ended up drying darker than it looked when wet! WOOHOO!! 
    Lesson #1:  Don't be afraid to use the OOPS paint, just because it wasn't what someone else was looking for doesn't mean that it won't be perfect for you!  

    Lesson #2:  Don't panic when a color doesn't seem to be what you were expecting until it dries.  Paint dries darker and will look more like you expected once it is dry!

    Lesson #3:  Don't be afraid of color!  Color is a great way to brighten up a space and will change the entire look of it!  Be BOLD!


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