Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Triathlon Training

Chicago is currently going through another deep freeze - ugh! - which has made it impossible to do any form of training outside.  Now, I've never been a fan of cold weather, but I always try to get some runs in outside even when it is cold, negative degree wind chills - yeah... no way, not happening!

      My Ironman training is in full force so that means, no skipping any workouts not even for the crappy weather or the fact that my car won't start in this weather, or a busy schedule etc.  This week my workout total will be 6 hours and 20 minutes - together it sounds like a lot but when it is divided over 6 days - since one day is a rest day - really isn't too bad.

    My favorite workouts lately seem to be my swims!  I love the challenge they provide and seems to be way more entertaining than biking and less mundane than running on a treadmill right now!  My favorite swim workout this week was 5 x 100's in which I had to keep a consistent pace throughout each set.  I found this workout to be incredibly challenging but felt really accomplished once I finished and was able to keep a consistent pace throughout.  I was also STARVING after this workout!  Why is it that after a swim workout I am always so hungry, way hungrier than after any other workout??
Maybe my new swimming enjoyment has to do with my Christmas gift from Santa this year - swim gear to help me get better at my swim and to shave off a bunch of time! I have to admit... I already feel like a better swimmer.  I definitely feel legit when I bring all my equipment to the gym pool!

Current Ironman Training Stats for 2015:
  Total Training Time: 5 hrs and 58 minutes!
  Total Swim Distance: 4200 yds
  Total Bike Time: 2hrs and 10 minutes
  Total Run Time: 2 hrs
  Total Run Mileage: 12 miles

These stats don't seem too impressive to me yet, but I know as training continues I will be in awe by how far I will have come and the progress I will have made!  I WILL CONQUER IMWI!!


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