Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon - Terrorists NEVER win!

   I'm still in shock over yesterday's events at the Boston Marathon.  There are no words to adequately describe how I feel.  Just like 9-11, I think I will always remember where I was at when I heard the news.  I had just left work and quickly stopped at home to change clothes and then go pick up my soccer team to go to our first game. As I was about to leave my Mom asked me if I had heard about the marathon, naturally I thought she was talking about who had won, etc. but based on her tone I knew it was something bad.  So I said no and then she told me the news, my phone then started to explode with text messages, emails, phone calls, FB messages and tweets, everyone wanting to know if I had heard the news and if I knew of anyone running Boston this year.
   I am sick over the horror of the day.  I have run 4 marathons, all of which have been Chicago, and the incredible feeling of crossing the finish line, is truly one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life.  Now, someone has taken away that feeling from thousands of people and replaced that with a feeling of terror.  Why? What was your goal?  To make us live in fear? To make us turn away from God and humanity?  To make us stop being fit and healthy and to fear marathons? Well guess what... it didn't work!  You will NEVER be able to take away my love and belief in God and humanity!  You will NEVER make me live in fear! You will NEVER stop me from running a marathon or stop me from spectating at a marathon!

   See, you terrorist, you didn't win yesterday, you didn't win in Newton, Ct., you didn't win on 9-11, or during any other tragic events, you will never win when we stand united!

  To everyone affected by yesterday's horrible events... I'm sorry, I'm praying for all of you and I LOVE you all!


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