Monday, January 21, 2013

The "Winter" Funk

     Do you ever feel like your life is spinning in a million different directions and the only thing you seem to be able to do is grab on?  Life seems to go faster and faster and you start to lose that grip and wonder will life ever slow down for me?  For me it seems like the answer is no... and I'm tired of waiting for life to slow down to do the things that I want to do!
   I am currently working tow jobs, one of which is full time and the other one is 15-20hours a week.  Job #1 is not in the field that I studied in college, but I find the work incredibly fulfilling and actually feel like I am making a difference in people's lives.  Job #2 is sort of in my field, (Interior Design), I'm actually working more as a graphic designer for them at the moment.  I have been working at Job #2 for the last month and a half and so I feel like life is spinning by and I just want to shout SLOW DOWN!!!
   Now, one of the big things for the New Year is using one word to describe what your year is going to be like, terms like Healthy, Fitness, etc. are being used to describe what people want to see out of 2013.  I have avoided saying my word because I don't want to sound selfish, but... I figure I will share it with all of you, to give you a better idea of what this year will hold for me!  My word for 2013 is: ME.  I know that does sound incredibly self-centered and selfish and I kind of even hate admitting that, but here is why I think its a good word for 2013:
    - I've gotten so wrapped up in the hours that I am working that I am not enjoying the little things in life -  and I want to
    - I've been busy and tired so I have let personal relationships fall to the back burner, and I HATE that!
So this year is about me and doing things that I have wanted to do for a really long time but have put off, and re-connecting with friends and family! 

    I have come up with my Top 13 Things to do of 2013:
         1. Go to a Chicago Sporting Event (Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks - I don't care which one)
         2. Go on a Road Trip/Trip out of State with Friends or Family
         3. Have a relaxing Spa Day
         4. Do something CRAZY/Different with my Hair
         5. Finish a 1/2 Ironman Race
         6. Go Zip Lining
         7. Go on a Chicago Architectural Tour
         8. Go to a Concert of one of my Favorite Groups/Bands
         9. Do a "Fun Run" - Something like the Color Run, Muddy Buddy, Foam Race, etc.
       10. Swim in the Ocean
       11. Learn something new (a new language, a new craft like crocheting, etc.)
       12. Laugh more
       13. Not complain about jobs, being busy or tired...

Maybe that seems like a silly list, from things that are totally practical to things that seem harder to accomplish.  What about you?


  1. there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more Me-time, a list of goals will help you get there. great list!

  2. Great goals for the year. I really want to do a few fun runs too. Reconnecting with family and friends is what is most important.

  3. I've decided to learn German and try and take a vacation there. It gives me something to look forward to and work towards at the same time.

  4. Not complaining just might be the toughest, it would for me!

  5. I want a road trip and a spa day too! Great goals for 2013.

  6. Good luck! You are one busy girl but I know you will reach your goals!

  7. I'll go with you on the Chicago Architectural design tour when I get there for should be able to get it paid for. I went on the Double Decker bus tour and it was super fun..add that to your list too!

  8. I would love to go on a road trip, too, this year. I used to work 2 jobs. Ugh...I feel for you.


  9. Sounds like you have a lot of ideas about how to make 2013 more about your ME time. Could the 1/2 iron man and the swim in the Ocean be the same event? Or do you mean a tropical swim in the Ocean snorkeling and getting to see colorful fish and ocean life? If it is the later I suggest you make it happen by April or being in the Ocean with the sun beating down will fry your skin in less then a half hour (talk about no fun me time). Never heard of any of those fun runs (ok muddy buddy I have because another blogger introduced me but the rest sound pretty cool and would love to see pics!)

  10. I hope you complete your list soon


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