Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 New Year Resolutions - Nah...

     I think I'm a little abnormal in that I don't typically make New Years resolutions for myself like 99% of the population.  I am of the frame of mind that if it is something you REALLY want to do to make yourself a better person then any day of the year can be your "new year".  Now this doesn't mean that I don't set goals for myself, because I definitely do! I am incredibly goal oriented and I am constantly changing/tweaking my goals to constantly challenge myself.  Some goals take a lot of time and dedication, some goals take a HUGE leap of faith and some are incredibly easy that you are kicking yourself for not doing it before.  But no matter what the goal is, working towards the goal and hopefully achieving it can be a life changing experience!
   So here are some of my goals that have truly changed my life:
      1. Run a Marathon -  I had no idea when I first started running that I even wanted to run a Marathon, but as I continued to challenge myself it developed into this very real passion and drive.  Since I've started running I have run 4 marathons, 2 1/2 marathons, and convinced members of my family to run as well.  Running has become a family affair, not just for my immediate family but my extended as well.  We've run 1/2 marathons together in various states, we've run crazy Santa fun runs and even competed in triathlons together!
     2. Start my own business - This was a goal that I wrote down while I was in college, to help me keep my eye on the prize during the toughest economic times since the Depression.  I went through ALOT of discouraging moments since I graduated in '09 but my sister was incredibly blunt with me and helped me to take that final leap!  It was probably the scariest moment of my life, finally deciding to start my own company and even scarrier when I decided to quit my full time job and focus on it full time, but man was it worth it! I've learned so much about myself because of it and I don't regret it for a second.

     While these have been major life events and goals that have seemed impossible when they first entered my brain they have greatly impacted my every day life and for which I am so greatful that I decided to pursue them as goals.  As of now I don't have any goals that are as large as those two were but some of mine include:
       1.  A new 5K PR
       2. To do a 1/2 Ironman Race (For those of you that don't know its a 1.2mi swim, 56mi Bike ride & a 1/2 Marathon)
       3. To place in the top 3 for my Age Group in a Sprint Triathlon
       4. To qualify for the Boston Marathon
       5. To continue to build my company and have my 1st employee.

   Some of these I might acomplish in 2013, some I might not, but the fact that they are goals that will continue to challenge me as a person and keep me motivated is all I really need!

    What are some of your goals, for the New Year or for life??

"Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." - Brian Littrell


  1. You can do it!! I love making new goals. So exciting to start fresh.

  2. I actually don't make goals as in New Year Resolutions because I like to make goals all year I never stick to New Year's Resolutions anyway. LOL.

  3. I haven't honestly thought of it yet.

  4. Goals help us to attain what we dream! (sisters move us along!).

  5. I don't really make New Year's Resolutions either although I do evaluate the past year and think about the future and I do make goals throughout the year but I'm with you, no resolution list for me.

  6. I love your resolutions. I just want to make a resolution to have more time for my family- rather than staying on a computer a lot.

  7. You had such an exciting year - can't wait to see how you do in 2013

  8. Sounds like your family have been huge motivators for you to help you achieve your goals and beyond. Good luck training for the 1/2 Iron Man that is quite a big goal and so is growing your business to the point that you need and can afford a full time employee.

  9. good mantra! wish i had your motivation!

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. Get it girl! Sometimes I feel like if my running is on track and progressing- so is my life ;). Good luck this year- all yours!


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