Friday, March 30, 2012

Chiropratic and Massage Therapy

   Does anyone have a good experience when it comes to a Chiropractor?  About a year and a half ago, I twinged my back getting a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator... Who does that?!  But I could barely move and my Mom and siblings had been seeing a chiropractor and I was told to go and see what could be done.  It was the most excruciating pain I have ever been in with my back, I couldn't bend, rolling over in my sleep was next to impossible and I'd inevitably end up awake!  So I saw a Chiropractor for probably 6 months and was in more pain than before.  Finally I stopped going and ended up working with Jose (my trainer) at the gym on corrective exercises.  The back pain has pretty much been non-existent until about 2 weeks ago.  
   Again it was a stupid situation of turning to grab something and I twinged my back!  Thankfully it wasn't as bad as before, but it had me worried about my training plans... What if it is so bad I can't train properly?  That happened before and I tried to push through it to only end in excruciating pain and tears - not a good idea!  I recently joined a Professional Networking organization called Le Tip and one of the professionals in the group is a chiropractor specializing in athletes! HECK YES!!  I decided I would set up an appointment and have her look at my back.  

   She pairs her adjustments with Massage Therapy.  I felt amazing afterwards and her solution and treatment should only take 2 weeks, whereas my previous Chiropractor there wasn't any end in sight and I saw her 3 times a week for over 6 months! I'm 24, you can't tell me that my back is THAT messed up... at least I hope not!  The new Chiropractor, Dr. Cris also told me that I can continue to run and exercise to my hearts content whereas the previous one wanted me to completely stop all exercise.  That ended up being the breaking point and what convinced me to stop going!    So I am looking forward to working with Dr. Cris and hopefully change my opinion of Chiropractors!  

Have any of you had similar experiences?  


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