Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012: Woahhhhh, What an amazing year so far!

   Have you ever had one of those days where you think, Woah, how did I end up here?  Sometimes it's not a good realization because its not where you ever saw yourself ending up, or its not where you want to be or it can be an amazing realization where you are completely in awe that you could be at the spot that you are at!  That's me today, I can't believe I've been so lucky this year to be where I am at now!  So what's changed...
   1. I decided to start my company Blue Sunflower Interiors and Design!  If you haven't liked it on Facebook, do it now! Or follow my blog here:
      ~ As a little subset of starting my own company, I have met so many incredible, generous, and charitable people that I never would have met had I not made this change!
     ~ My mood and outlook on life has changed so drastically since quitting my job - if anyone out there is afraid of taking the leap. Don't be!  You have no idea where life might take you! My mom asks me all the time if I regret quitting, and I can say without a shadow of doubt that not one tiny part of me regrets my decision!  I wanted a change but was too afraid to take it, until I got to my absolute breaking point, and I'm only disappointed that it took me so long to do it!

   2. I'm training for my first 1/2 Ironman race - and as of 5 weeks in to the program I am completely injury free!!! I feel like I am constantly sore but I wouldn't trade it!  I love a challenge and this has certainly been one but I am so excited for my race in July!
   3. I am now a Middle School Soccer Coach for my old school the Willows Academy.  I LOVE soccer, but I never thought I would be a coach and had I not made a job change it never would have been possible!  Today is the first day of practice and I am so excited to get out on the field and share my love for the sport
   4. I'm also in charge of the Run Club at the Willows - introducing the girls and faculty to running, to hopefully instill in them a love for running!  We had our first run last week and I had 5 people show up! I mix of middle school, high school and faculty.  It was awesome and I look forward to every wednesday and running with these girls!

So I just wanted to take the opportunity to update you all, and thank you all for the support! I couldn't have made the biggest change of all without it! I am so greatful to have you all in my life!  I'll update you all on our soccer season and the run club, as it progresses!  Enjoy the fabulous weather!!!


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