Friday, June 3, 2011

There's a fork in the road...Don't Crash!

  Have you every experienced that moment in your life where you hit a fork in the road and you just come to a complete halt?  You look down both directions and you know that as soon as you set your foot down and start in a direction there is no turning back and your life is about to be forever changed.  And so you stand there with this internal battle going on inside your mind, left or right? Left or right? You can see that the fork that goes to the left has another fork down the road that is equally as important as the first decision to go left or right.  Then you look to the right and you see a straight path for as far as your eye can see, no variation, it's the "safe, comfortable" path, but it's also the path you have been on for a while that you hate.  What do you do?

   Well, I've hit that point in my life.  My sister likes to call it our quarter life crisis, which I'm ok with since that means I get to live to be 92, which is just fine by me!  But I have NO IDEA what to do, well take that back, I think I know but I am terrified of it.  As many of you know, I graduated in '09 with a degree in Interior and Environmental Design, probably one of the worst degrees to come out into the world with, considering the state of the economy.  But I was hopeful that I would find that AMAZING job I had dreamt up in my head.  Who wouldn't want to hire an energetic, skilled, enthusiastic and passionate Interior Designer?  Boy was I wrong!  My life became just like the Movie/Book Post Grad, well minus Mr. Rico Sauve living across the street and the really good guy friend that professes his love - still waiting for that guy, but I digress... Finally I landed the job that I have today, I was beyond excited!  Just a contract job with the strong possibility of being hired on if you impressed the boss.  I had many good indications and hints to becoming a "real" employee but to no avail.  It's ended up being nothing like I thought it would be, and I've pushed through 2 years, because there aren't design jobs out there.

   My parents and I have really been discussing it lately and finally my Dad told me I have two options last night.  I value my parent's opinions ALOT, in fact sometimes my sister's think I value them a little too much, oh well... So the two options, hence the fork in the road for me.  If I go right, I stay at my current job and just make the best of it until the economy loosens up a little bit more and I can find the design job of my dreams. And, as my Dad put it, try to find fulfillment in other areas of my life.  Which I have done by being involved in: Triathlons/Triathlon Team, Archi-treasures, Culture of Life Board, PHD (Preservation of Human Dignity), World Youth Day, Book Club, etc.  Or... I can go left, left means a leap of faith.  Taking a huge risk and hoping for the best.  It also means, going back to school.  If I got left and start down that path, I am immediately faced with another fork in the road... Do I go for my Masters Degree in an Interior Design related field or do I completely switch career paths and major in something else?

   These are big decisions for me, and maybe you don't agree or it seems pretty clear to you what I should do.  If so let me know!  But until a decision is made, you can be sure that I am cranking out long runs to think through all the options in my head!


  1. Well since you are asking for help I guess my thoughts on the matter might be of some use. I to have had the same hard decision in my life with school and wanting to live a dream. The hardest decision in life is the one that leads to the path towards the rest of it. This choice is always so hard, but the truth is it is really up to you in the end because you are the only one that knows what will truly make you happy. As whatever path you choose it better be one that you feel that has fulfilled you and that will help you live a happy life; not only with this path but also with God. I prayed for guidance to help me in my decision as God will not point the way, but in a sense has caused this fork as you say to help you in your life as you are not happy. God is funny in this way as he indirectly helps and maybe your prayers have been answered you just have not seen it yet. (Misfortune does not always mean that your life is meant to be miserable, but sometimes it smiles upon us as it is God answering our prayers).
    It matters, if you go down the path with many forks then it makes it hard as that path is not easy, but it is the challenge that should get you going to improve your life. If you do choose to go back to school for your masters degree it matters how much you love your career right now. It is always nice to reenforce your major with a masters degree, but will this degree help you in the end as how much more desirable will you be in the job world and will it give you the opportunities necessary to move forward in your career path. Another choice would be to find a degree that reinforces your background, but also leaves room to grow especially in more than one field (Industrial Design). I know the choice is not easy! In the end if you feel you wont be happy with what you are doing right now then a completely different career path might be right for you.
    I know it is natural to go down the path of least resistance, but it is not always the most practical or helpful in the end. We are human and what sets us apart from everything else is our ability to take a challenge head on and come out a better person. I hope what I have said has helped a little. Good luck and I will keep you in my prayers and I am sure if you continue to live a life with God that you will choose the best route for both you.

  2. Thank you for your advice! And I agree this fork in the road may just be God's way of trying to direct me in another way! Sometimes it is hard to see what will happen when it is right in front of us! But I look forward to the process and I know that any decision I make will help to form me into a better person.

  3. Its good to know you chose a path to travel down. Good luck on you business and future endeavors. I am sure you will enjoy every second of it.

    1. Thank you!! Each day has been a challenge and I never know what to expect but I am lovimg every minute of it and don't regret my decision at all! Thanks for the support!


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