Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LEED Evening

Since I decided to join some Interior Design groups and get more involved in the industry, rather than just working, I attended and event put on by the USGBC. Last night the USGBC had an event at the Merchandise Mart, which included some networking and a tour of 5 showrooms within the Mart to find out how these specific showrooms achieved their LEED status. The 5 showrooms were Milliken, Steelcase, Allsteel, HON, and Gunlocke. It was so impressive to learn about the different things that they did to receive the LEED status. All of these amazing companies have had green practices before it was the "green" thing to do. It was a great experience, I learned alot and I look forward to attending more events!
What I learned at each showroom:
Milliken: The extra "fuzz" from their carpeting makes the fuzz on the Penn tennis balls!
Steelcase: Studies the movement of individuals in their environment and how they enteract to better meet the needs of the clients.
Allsteel and Gunlocke: These two companies are in one showroom, they had an amazing recycled aluminum floor and a wood chunk floor. Since the thicknesses of the flooring were different, they had to raise the flooring up so that the flooring material would be all on the same level.
HON: Has a lot of green products and they have an excellent website talking about their green material called
Check them out! They are great companies!

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