Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow...

  Well I guess in this case, it isn't real parting as much as an ending... An ending to my first season of Triathlons!  Sure I could continue to do some tris through the winter months, but that would require me to head out to other States.  So here's my summary of my tris and what I have learned and need to improve for next season.

    My three tris were The Naperville Women's triathlon, the Chicago triathlon and the Lake Geneva triathlon.  Each one was different in its own way and a great experience.  The Women's Tri was a perfect first triathlon because I was in a wave of the youngest group of girls, most of us had never done a triathlon yet and so we were told that we are the "Future" of triathlons!  Pretty sweet to think about!  I was also truly inspired by all the Women that competed in this event, especially the Women in the Triumph category, they are the women who were either survivors of Ovarian Cancer or were still fighting for their lives.  They were truly amazing to watch, showing that they were not about to give up and that this is something that they are going to conquer!

   The Chicago Triathlon was amazing just because of the sheer number of triathletes!  All different skill levels, all in Chicago to challenge themselves physically and mentally.  There is something so cool about doing a race in Chicago, being able to swim in Lake Michigan and having the skyline constantly in your view.  It was also pretty sweet to be able to ride on Lake Shore Drive!

   The Lake Geneva Triathlon was tons of fun because being able to do it with my Dad and all of the VCS Tri team representation!  It is nice knowing that there are people around constantly cheering each other on.  It was an extremely hilly course and rainy but all in all, a great experience! 

 So what have I learned in my first triathlon season?
    1.  I am I terrified of my bike, especially when it is wet... definitely something I need to work on... and in my defense I have only had a road bike for a dew months.  Its a big difference from my previous Mountain bike!
    2. I love to swim!  As a kid, I always enjoyed swimming, but it is only this past summer that I really realized how much I enjoy swimming distances!  I look forward to being able to work on my swim in the future!
   3. I can conquer anything with determination, perseverance and most importantly the support of my family and friends!

  I'd like to say a Special Thanks to my VCS Tri-team for being so supportive and putting up with my silly newbie questions.  I know that had I not joined the team, I would not have completed any tris this year, so I am so grateful for their camaraderie and support! I look forward to many more seasons!

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