Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caution: Construction Zone!

   To add to yesterday's post on my problem figuring out the correct type of towel hangers for our bathroom, I figured I should back track a little and explain this bathroom in more detail.  Our house was built 40 years ago and this is the original bathroom.  Somehow the people that built it thought that pink was the perfect color to go with!  It looks like Pepto Bismol exploded in the bathroom... The shower is pink, along with the counter top, the toilet, the white floor with pink swirls, the tile for the shower... EVERYTHING IS PINK!

See what I mean?!

    My mom did her best to tone down the pink and as a result we ended up with a fish bathroom, with quotes and sayings up on the wall.  But it needed a make over, badly!  Not only was the color horrendous, but the shower head was leaking and would lead out the side of the shower onto the floor, causing the floor to begin to rot out, the caulk in the shower had mildew and mold (I know it sounds like we never clean, but it was like that when we moved in, now 8 years later it is now unbearable!)

So finally we got to remodel!  It isn't quite finished yet, but here are some pictures from the work in progress...

Day 1:
Shower and Drywall is removed, along with the flooring!

These are the ceiling rafters...apparently at one time there was a raccoon that got into the attic and was eating it's way through the ceiling rafters to get above the shower where it was nice and warm!  GROSS!

Goodbye to the sink and cabinets!

Every Day after Day 1:

Hello new Bathtub and Drywall!

Some Taping and Mudding, and preparation for a new toilet and sinks!

Installing the Shower Tile and preparing to paint!

Walls painted, flooring down and the shower are all ready to go...

    That's all that is done so far, but I promise to show you completed pictures once it is all done!  Doesn't it look amazing so far!?  I've been so excited to work on this project, my mom and given me pretty much free range to design it however I'd like, obviously I consult her before I make a decision since she is the "client", but it has been a lot of fun!  Can't wait to finally be able to use it!

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