Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everything happens for a Reason

   As I am sure most of you know, I am an Interior Designer by profession.  I graduated in an extremely tough economic situation and have done my best to succeed despite those trials - it's not been easy.  Then back in October I decided to start my own company: Blue Sunflower Interiors and Design - which has been an incredibly rewarding experience filled with trials and triumphs.  Unfortunately, however it hasn't been as successful as I had envisioned and it's time for me to get a job.  I've been putting it off as long as possible, clinging to the hope that I would land some major client so that I could put off getting a job a little longer. 
    Last week two jobs opportunities fell into my lap - I couldn't have been more excited.  Everything happens for a reason right?!  Maybe this was my sign that I needed to find a job but didnt have to stress out about looking.  The one job is in design field as a Kitchen and Bath Design assistant and the other one is working as a Pastoral Associate at my parish - so something completely unrelated to the design field.  There are pluses and minuses to both jobs and so I've had an incredibly hard time making a decision.  I'm pretty sure I have driven my entire family crazy, trying to decide which path is right for me at this moment in time.
    So drumroll for my decision please... I've accepted the position at my parish!!  Some of you may be confused as to why I would pick a job that is outside of my degree and career path so here are just a few reasons...
    1.  The biggest reason - I get to keep my company!!!  A design job is considered a conflict of interest and I couldn't stand the thought of completely walking away from all my hard work to get my company started
    2.  My hours and schedule are completely flexible - as long as I get 40hrs in a week, I can make my schedule however I want - which means I will be able to meet with clients when they are available!
    3.  I still get to coach Cross Country for the Willows - I was totally stressed out over the fact that if I took the design job, I'd have to back out on them less than 3 weeks before the season starts!

     I know, maybe those are weird reasons - but my company is so important to me, that I can't give up on it!  It would be absolutely devestating to me to walk away from everything I have accomplished.  So please send some prayers, etc my way because I am very nervous but excited for this next chapter of my life to begin!!

" Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!" - Anon